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Call Kurtis: Some Companies Can Apply Charges to Bank Cards After They Expire

LINCOLN (CBS13) — Linda Steiger says internet security company McAfee managed to get money out of her bank account, even after her debit card expired.

She has auto renewal on her McAfee anti-virus software. We learned some companies may have the right to charge your account even after that card expires.

"I don't think it's right," said Steiger.

McAfee anti-virus software protects Steiger's computer from viruses, but she feels violated after the company charged her expired Visa debit card $79.99.

"The credit card you were using, when did it actually expire?" asked Kurtis.

Steiger said, "May of 2013."

She never updated the card's expiration date and doesn't think McAfee should've be able to process the charge more than a year later.

"I can't charge on it. I can't go to a store and charge on it so I don't think anybody else should be able to do it ," said Steiger.

So how did this happen? We've learned Visa, MasterCard and Discover all have programs that will automatically update your credit card's expiration dates, if you have auto-pay with certain companies.

"How many companies are using this type of program?" asked Kurtis.

Matt Schulz from answered, "I would imagine it's a substantial number of companies."

He says "It's done out of convenience, so you don't have to go back in and update your expiration date." Schulz adds he doesn't think it's something he would be alarmed about.

McAfee confirms all paid subscription services are automatically enrolled in the McAfee auto-renewal program and that "this feature ensures your virus protection is not interrupted."

Kurtis asked Steiger, "What if the day after that credit card expired, your McAfee turned off and you ended up with a virus?"

Steiger answered, "then it would be on me because I did not renew, but then it would be my choice, not theirs."

We checked with American Express which does not have the same type of program. The companies you do business have to pay the credit card companies for this service.

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