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Call Kurtis: Love the car, but it didn't pass smog

Call Kurtis: Love the car, but it didn't pass smog
Call Kurtis: Love the car, but it didn't pass smog 01:37

A viewer in Gridley says a car repair to pass smog would have cost her more than the car was worth. She decided it was time to call Kurtis.

Wendy Brown loves her Camry and says that her 2003 Toyota didn't pass smog this year, even though it had passed the last two times since she bought the car six years ago. She says she was told her after-market catalytic converter didn't meet current California emission standards. The cost to replace it: $2,600.

"This is maddening," Wendy said. "I did not see this coming and this is not the economy to be buying a new car in."

CBS13 put long-time volunteer Chuck on the case, who started looking for a different, more affordable solution.

"We went to the DMV and asked them, on the smog issue, if there was another way to do it," he said.

Turns out, there was. The DMV put Wendy in touch with the Bureau of Automotive Repair, who had the car inspected. The BAR was able to find a much cheaper fix in the form of a different, but approved, catalytic converter.

Wendy bought it and has now passed smog.

"Through Call Kurtis, they saved me $2,000," she said. "I can retain a perfectly functioning car and I'm very grateful for that."

Case closed. 

If you're having problems with passing a smog test, you can schedule an inspection at a referee center with the Bureau of Automotive Repairs, and they might be able to help you find those cheaper and hard-to-find parts.

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