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Call Kurtis Investigates: Cash For Laptops And Cash For iPhones Under Investigation

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An investigation is now underway for an online company that quotes top dollar for your old laptops, tablets and phones. But some of the checks people are getting after sending in their gadgets are far less than the price originally quoted.

Marilyn Penko was quoted $212 online for her iPad 3. She said she sent it in to Cash For Laptops, but then she got an e-mail saying, they'd only be sending her $31.

"I thought they are not looking at my iPad because my iPad was in perfect condition," said Marilyn.

The same Sparks, Nevada based company runs Cash For iPhones which quoted Steve Carlson $58 for his iPhone 4S, but then he got an e-mail saying he would get just $7.

"I went from shocked, surprised and then I got upset," said Steve.

According to the terms, initial quotes are "qualified... pending our evaluation." and you have 3-days to reject the quote, and get your gadget back.

Marilyn and Steve say they couldn't get anyone from the company to answer calls or e-mails to cancel the transaction.

"I think it's a bait and switch company," said Marilynn. "They got me, there is nothing I can do at this point." said Steve.

Nevada's Attorney General is now investigating the company after hearing similar complaints from customers nationwide.

According to his office customers can't get through during that 3-day window to reject final quotes and usually customers get less than 20-percent of the initial offer.

The company's attorney didn't have much to say at a March court hearing on the case, but he pointed out no one has been charged criminally or civilly.

Marilyn said "it doesn't have to be $212, I'll go $200 but $31 is just a slap in the face."

After we reached out to Cash for Laptops, Marilyn was promised a second check, bringing her total to $151. That's less than she was initially offered, but better than $31. Steve was offered $60.

"Once you release that phone you have absolutely no leverage," said Steve.

In Steve's case, the company claimed a button wasn't working properly.

The Better Business Bureau has 17-hundred complaints in the past three years on this company, most of them are within the past 12 months.

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