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Call Kurtis: I Asked Insurance Company About Mold -- Now They're Making Me Fix It!

STOCKTON (CBS13) -- Floyd Wilson told his insurance company about mold growing in his windows in July, but the senior said the company is now tasking him with fixing it.

He called kurtis.

Wilson said Travelers Insurance gave him 20 days to figure it out, or he thinks they'll drop his coverage.

He said he can't afford to fix the White, fuzzy mold spores continuing to grow inside his double-paned windows in just 20 days -- so can an insurance company do that?

"Just a dingy, dirty window, with spots," Wilson said. "It just looks icky."

He worries it'll affect his health, and is sick of the science experiment growing in his glass.

"I've dealt with it long enough," he said.

Floyd called his insurance company Tavelers when he realized it wasn't just dirt.

But days after learning mold wasn't covered, he got a letter from Travelers telling him to address the "mold spores" "within 20 days" in order to "provide continued coverage," he said.

"I really have no choice. I have to go ahead and repair it," he said.

Feeling strongarmed, he wishes he never alerted Travelers.

"I'm feeling as if i was duped," he said.

"It gives me cause of concern," attorney Mitch Abdallah thinks the letter is a bit pushy , but he said it's in Wilson's policy.

That policy reads Wilson must "protect the property from further damage."

Abdallah said insurance companies want to protect themselves from legal issues down the road.

"They want to have it on record that it's not their problem, and it's the consumer's problem," he said.

CBS13 called Travelers which apologized for the miscommunication and told us the 20 day deadline "is intended to be a timeframe so that we can get communication back from the customer."

The company said Wilson won't be dropped if he can't get it fixed in that time frame.

"It's just unsightly," he said.

But a Call Kurtis producer noticed stickers inside Wilson's windows, and was able to track down the manufacturer. Call Kurtis found the windows have a lifetime warranty, and the company agreed to replace the moldy windows for free.

But Wilson said he now plans to switch insurers.

"I'm not too enthused about travelers right now," he said.

A leading trade group for insurers said Wilson's letter was much more strongly worded than similar letters from other companies.

Floyd is expected to get his new windows within 45 days.

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