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Call Kurtis: I didn't need these A/C parts!

Call Kurtis: I didn't need these A/C parts!
Call Kurtis: I didn't need these A/C parts! 01:15

CARMICHAEL — A Carmichael viewer said he got charged for HVAC parts he didn't need, so he called on Kurtis Ming to investigate.

"I'm old enough now to where I can't get up in my attic," Don Hoeckelberg told CBS13. "I didn't have a problem. I just thought it was something that you needed to do."

So after a heating and air tune-up in October, Don said he was told he needed to replace three parts.

"And the next thing I knew I had a $1,200 bill," he said.

But the technician left the original parts, and Don said on a whim that his son-in-law tested them only to find out they were still working. So he asked to return two of the three parts, but the company refused.

Volunteer Greg took the case.

"We just contacted them, wondered if they could take a look at this case and see if they could help this gentleman out," he said. "That's all it took."

The next thing Don knew, he got a call from the company who offered to refund him $842.

"I have actually already received the check and deposited it," Don told CBS13.

Case closed. Thanks, Greg.

Quite a few heating and air companies offer low-priced tune-ups but use them as sales calls to upsell you. The Call Kurtis team did a test a few years back, inviting out several companies and hearing several different issues with a unit that was already deemed to be working just fine.

So if you're not sure about the evaluation you're getting, you can always call out another company for a second set of eyes.

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