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Call Kurtis Investigates: Fidget Spinners Sparking Fires

FAIR OAKS (CBS13) —The fidget spinner just might be the year's hottest toy. Kids are obsessed with these things, and it seems you can buy them almost anywhere.

Companies are souping them up with LED lights, and some even have Bluetooth speakers.

A girl from Fair Oaks says after she charged her fidget spinner, smoke started coming from it.

Bubbled plastic shows how hot Lilly Perrins fidget spinner got. The 12-year old who has special needs says she dropped it after seeing the sparks.

Lilly screamed out, "Mom, the spinner's on fire."

Mom, Allison, says she found the room filled with smoke.

"When I touched it. It burnt my hands. It was too hot. I could not hold it," said Allison.

The $10 fidget spinner has a Bluetooth speaker that plays music but has no manufacturer information written on it.

Kimberly Allums of Alabama says her son's fidget spinner with a Bluetooth burst into flames while being charged, scorching the carpet.

"It wasn't smoking. It was in flames," she said. "And he just started screaming. I was downstairs, and all I heard was 'fire, fire.'"

The fidget spinner danger comes after other battery fires with vape pens, hoverboards, and cell phones.

We've learned the Consumer Product Safety Commission has heard of three cases of fidget spinners overheating or catching fire.

In the meantime, they're recommending you stay with the product while it charges, and never charge while asleep.

Lilly says her spinner just finished charging when it started smoking, "My finger was black."

Mom, Allison says, "She's still scared of it."

She's relieved no one was hurt.

"If I wasn't home, that's scary. That really scares me a lot," said Allison.

The family says they bought the fidget spinner at Denio's in Roseville.

We reached out to Denio's which says they take this very seriously and are looking into this issue. They don't allow the sale of unsafe products, claiming hoverboards are no longer sold on their property after reported fires.

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