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Call Kurtis: Do I have an appendix?

Roseville viewer confused about if she has an appendix
Roseville viewer confused about if she has an appendix 01:39

ROSEVILLE — A Roseville viewer says a recent trip to the emergency room left her confused about if she had an appendix. She called Kurtis Ming to investigate.

After 17 years, Kurtis has seen a fair amount, but this is a first: a viewer reached out to find out if she has an organ inside her.

Linda Meyers said her appendix was removed eight years ago in Reno and has the scar to prove it. But last Easter Sunday, Linda was rushed to the ER because of some gastrointestinal issues.

"I was sick," she told CBS13.

So some scans were run, which she was surprised to learn the results of.

"Everything looked good," she said, "including my appendix."

She even provided the documentation from that ER visit saying "Appendix is normal," which left her with a giant question: does she have an appendix?

"I cannot get a yes or a no out of Kaiser," she said.

We reached out to Kaiser, which, for privacy reasons, couldn't talk about this case. But Linda said the head of Kaiser's ER doctors called her, "profusely apologized" and let her know that she does not, in fact, have an appendix. She said the doctor told her that the incorrect result was because that portion of the scan, near her surgery site, was distorted.

Linda just wishes someone would've told her that before we got involved.

"Why are you turning something so simple into something that is very complicated?" she asked.

Kaiser said they apologize if they fell short in their responses to Linda. A spokesperson said that you have three options when it comes to getting answers about your treatment: secure email to a doctor through your Kaiser log-in, call an advice nurse, or chat with member services.

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