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Call Kurtis: With 3G Networks Shutting Down, Consumers Line Up For Alternative Options

GRANITE (CBS13) — As service providers around the country phase their 3G networks out, a Granite Bay viewer says she was left without a solid cell signal at home. That's when she decided to call Kurtis.

Vicki Cichocki is a long-time AT&T customer, and for the last few years, she's been using a MicroCell Booster to strengthen the cell reception in her home, which doesn't have a landline. The equipment had a direct connection to cable internet and blasted out a 3G signal so she could use her phone.

But in January, the company warned her that their 3G service would be shutting down. Thankfully, the letter included instructions on how Vicki could receive a free, updated cell booster that would instead provide a 4G network her phone could access.

However, Vicki says that the website AT&T directed her to was down and no one on the customer service line could help. Finally, after several calls, she was told that the equipment was out of stock.

"AT&T is a technology company," she said. "And the technology was certainly not easy to use."

We reached out to AT&T to see if they could help Vicki. A spokesperson admitted to us that the company had a limited quantity of boosters and said they understand the importance of keeping their customers connected. The spokesperson advised customers in similar situations to turn on their Wi-Fi calling option, which will allow them to place calls through their home Wi-Fi service.

Vicki got the same advice and will be using it until her new booster arrives in the mail. Thankfully, after we reached out to AT&T, they managed to find a spare unit.

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