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California's Race For Governor Heats Up

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - California's gubernatorial race is heating up.

More sexual harassment allegations, this time against Assemblyman Travis Allen, one of the seven candidates running for governor.

Allen held a rally outside the state Capitol on Sunday to discuss his plans as a governor-hopeful.

With the "Me Too" movement shaking up the Capitol, many voters are wondering how it will shape the race for California's next governor.

Assemblyman Travis Allen says he isn't fazed by the allegations; he says his focus right now is getting California under better leadership. Allen is the latest California politician to be accused of sexual harassment allegations stemming several years back.

The accusations include Allen squeezing a female employee's shoulders and sliding his foot over to touch that same employee.

"The bottom line is, I've never done anything that can be misconstrued as anything other than friendliness and I would never do anything inappropriate then or now, or anytime in the future," said Allen.

Allen says the allegations are a misunderstanding and a direct attack by the Democratic party.

Despite the allegations, he says he's pushing forward with the campaign.

"We have the nation's highest poverty rate, highest homeless rate, roads that are crumbling and dams that are bursting. It's about time we get a Californian, a Republican, someone who believes in common sense to run our state like a business," Allen added.

Allen isn't the only gubernatorial candidate on the radar.

In 2007, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was accused of having an affair with a local TV reporter. Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom also came under fire that year for allegedly having an affair with his aide's wife.

Still, some voters say they support the candidates regardless of what went on behind closed doors.

"I've watched him through the years and his track record for the people is almost 100%," said one Newsom supporter.

The same holds true for some supporters of Allen.

"It's a foot tap, it's a touch of the shoulder, so that's not something as a woman that concerns me," said Jessica Bucher.

There's more competition for the three candidates.

Joining the race for governor are State Treasurer John Chiang, former Congressman Doug Ose, John Cox and Delaine Eastin. CBS13 asked Allen about his political rivals on Sunday, he responded saying he will become the Republican candidate and go head-to-head with Newsom.

"Unfortunately the state has been run into the ground 39 of the last 40 years that Democrats have controlled the legislature -- it's time to take our state back."

As far as campaign funding goes, Newsom is in the lead with more than $16 million.

Allen is at the lowest end, coming in at just under $450,000 for 2017.

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