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California Water Year Below Average, Reservoirs Benefit From Last Year's Record

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — We are just about 45 days away from the end of the water year and it just hasn't stacked up compared to last water year.

With fewer atmospheric rivers and more warm storms melting the Sierra snowpack, the current precipitation status of northern California isn't great.

The Sierra snowpack for the stat is at 41 percent of normal, which is below average. Soil moisture according to the drought monitor isn't great either, but worse conditions are in place across the southern part of the state.

The only thing not coming in below average would be the reservoir levels. Due to the rain that we saw last year, reservoir levels are actually above average in a lot of locations.

Overall we only got about 50 percent of the precipitation we saw last wet season. This being said as we head into the dry season, overall we should be in okay shape due to our full reservoirs.

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