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Gov. Newsom Makes California's Voting By Mail System Permanent

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Gov. Gavin Newsom has made California's universal voting by mail system for permanent.

The governor signed Assembly Bill 37 into law on Monday. The bill means every registered California voter will get their ballot mailed to them before a statewide election.

Proponents have been pushing for the law to allow voters more freedom to cast their ballots as well as increase participation.

"As states across our country continue to enact undemocratic voter suppression laws, California is increasing voter access, expanding voting options and bolstering elections integrity and transparency," Newsom said in a statement upon signing the bill.

California mailed a ballot to all registered voters ahead of the 2020 General Election, citing the need to expand accessibility amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voters were again mailed ballots ahead of the recall election that attempted to remove Newsom from office.

Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber noted how vote-by-mail has increased participation in elections.

"Voters like having options for returning their ballot whether by mail, at a secure drop box, a voting center or at a traditional polling station," Weber said in a statement.

AB 37 was passed through the California legislature without any support from Republican lawmakers.

California is the eighth state to now implement a system where all registered voters get a ballot mailed to them.

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