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California Republican Lawmakers Speak On 25th Amendment, Presidential Impeachment After U.S. Capitol Riots

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – For the first time since the riot attacks on the U.S. Capitol, we are hearing from California Republican lawmakers.

Congressman Tom McClintock just flew back to California from Washington, D.C.

He said what happened was a despicable attack but despite the violence, he doesn't support invoking the 25th Amendment or drafting articles of impeachment. The congressman said doing either would cause further division.

"I think we have already divided our country enough, we have already tortured and abused our constitution enough without going any further down that road," McClintock said. "The 25th Amendment is specifically designed to address the physical incapacity of the President. It has nothing to do with bad or even egregious conduct, and impeachment is reserved for high crimes and misdemeanors. I think the best response is to simply wait two weeks."

The congressman said what separates us from other countries is the peaceful transfer of power and to see that desecrated in that manner was shocking.

Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman John Garamendi held a different opinion. He said the President needs to be out and is pushing for invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment before the inauguration.

"Why would we ever think that in the last two weeks of his presidency that he would change? I don't expect it and therefore the 25th Amendment is absolutely essential," Garamendi said.

What both sides agree on is no division should result in rioting or mobbing, adding the violence resulting in death will not be tolerated.

Betsy Mahan, chair of the Sacramento County Republican Party, was also not in support of invoking the 25th Amendment. Here's her full statement below:

"I join with the president in condemning the tragic violence at the capitol yesterday and believe all perpetrators should be held accountable. There have been other breaches of the capitol, including much larger numbers of anti-kavanaugh protesters, so there needs to be a review of the inadequacies of the capitol police to protect the buildings and their occupants. We do not support speaker Pelosi's call to impeach the president for a second time or to invoke the 25th amendment since the president has called for a peaceful transition and we trust that he will follow through with that pledge.

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