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"Way too high": California gas prices soar above $6 again

Sacramento gas prices soar above $6 a gallon
Sacramento gas prices soar above $6 a gallon 03:13

SACRAMENTO – Gas prices are soaring to all-too-familiar levels.

According to AAA, the average price for regular unleaded gas is more than $6 in California.

"[It's] like you're working just to put gas in your car," driver Tangelar Davis said.

Craig Gladden, a professional truck driver with 12 years of experience, referred to the latest spike as astronomical.

"California prices are way too high," he said.

In 24 hours, AAA reported the average price for regular unleaded gas in the state shot up by around $0.14, which was $6.03 on Thursday.

"If you ask the State of California, they'll say there's two reasons: one, there's maintenance issues going on in refineries in California, and two, the global price for oil is very expensive," said John Treanor, a AAA spokesperson.

State GOP lawmakers are pushing for Governor Gavin Newsom to intervene by transitioning early to a winter fuel blend while calling again for a suspension of the gas tax.

"It just goes up every single year and I don't really think our roads are getting that much better than they should," said Assemblymember Joe Patterson.

In the past, this call has been rejected by critics who doubt the savings would trickle down to drivers.

In a recent letter, the governor did push for the switch to the cheaper fuel option.

The newly created Division of Petroleum Market Oversight is expected to monitor any price gouging. The watchdog falls under the California Energy Commission and already is faced with a January 1 deadline to provide proposals on necessary market reforms.

While state leaders work to find relief, California drivers are trying to get the most bang for their buck before their wallets burst.

"I do try to combine my errands as much as possible," Kim Kosalek said. 

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