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Additional Capacity Added To California Electrical Grid In Hopes Of Reducing Power Shutoffs

FOLSOM (CBS13) - After a summer of blackouts and planned power shutoffs in 2020, there's a new effort underway to keep California's power grid from overloading.

What can we expect when it comes to the power supply?

Senator Alex Padilla visited California ISO in Folsom on Tuesday as part of his infrastructure listening tour. There, he addressed the need to meet demand when it comes to the state's power grid.

Senator Padilla mentioned the Power On Act, bipartisan legislation that would assist electricity providers with federal funds to improve the grid.

Parts of California experienced public safety power Shutoffs and flex alerts, asking people to conserve.

This year, California ISO is in better shape after adding about 3,500 more megawatts to supply capability. About 2,000 megawatts are coming from additional batteries. California ISO says this will help to ensure there's sufficient infrastructure for the right period of time when needed.

"So, in the event that public safety power shutoffs are required, they can, over time, start turning off the lights, turning off the power in more targeted areas instead of more broad areas in the state," said Padilla.

Overall the power grid is less stressed than it was last year, the agency says. However, if extremely high heat is being experienced across the west, supply conditions can get tight and may result in emergency alerts.

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