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California may soon put an end to line-skipping service at airports

California bill aims to stop line-skipping at aiports
California bill aims to stop line-skipping at aiports 02:37

SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers are considering a law to stop a line-skipping service at airport screenings. 

A company called CLEAR offers a paid service that costs about $200 a year and allows airline travelers to skip ahead of long security lines, saving precious time.

For frequent flyer Connie Harris, the expedited security service is a must-have.

"I love it," Harris said. "I really love it. It's important to me."

State Senator Josh Newman wonders if travelers who use CLEAR have a clear conscious, calling the service state-sanctioned line-cutting at public airports.

"And the question I've asked: When you get escorted to the front of the line and the CLEAR attendant that wears the gingham shirt shoved somebody out of the way for you, do you look the person in the eye who just got shoved out of the way?" Newman said. 

Newman is proposing CLEAR creates its own lines, no longer escorting its customers ahead of the general public.

The company issued a statement reading, in part: "We are always working with our airline and airport partners as well as local, state, and federal governments to ensure all travelers have a safer, easier checkpoint experience."

"California does have the prerogative to legislate what happens in its airports," Newman said. 

A California lawmaker drawing a line, on line cutting at airports, by customers paying for express service. 

"I don't even pay attention because I assume everybody knows, you've paid for this service you're going to go through," Harris said. "It's an option for everybody."

This question of airport courtesy is under debate at the California  State Capitol in Sacramento. A bill to ban line-skipping services was debated by the transportation committee on Tuesday.

CLEAR operates in nine California airports, including Sacramento International Airport. It also has contracts at 40 other airports across the country. 

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