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California May Lower The Voting Age To 17

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The push to lower California's voting age from 18 to 17 passed a key legislative committee Wednesday and may go before the voters to decide.

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4 and Assembly Constitutional Amendment 8 both propose allowing a 17-year-old to vote. ACA 4 would allow them to vote in a primary or special election if they will turn 18 by the general election. ACA 8 would allow a 17-year-old to vote in all elections. Currently, Californians need to be 18 to vote in any election. If ACA 4 passes it would require voter approval in order to take effect.

Currently, those who are 16 can register to vote. In 22 other states and the District of Columbia, a 17-year-old can vote in a primary if they will turn 18 before a general election.

A similar Amendment proposed in California in 2017 did not advance.

The 26th Amendment of the US Constitution grants voting rights to those 18 and older.

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