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California Lawmakers Demanding Swastikas Come Down From Sacramento Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Lawmakers and veterans at the state Capitol demanded the removal of a swastika displayed outside of a Sacramento home.

Democrats, Republicans and community leaders showed their solidarity on Thursday.

"We know he has a right to do this. This is his house," said Sen. Marty Block, with the legislature's Jewish Caucus.

"We're asking the homeowner to take down the photo," said Sen. Janet Nguyen. "Tear down the photo."

They're united against an Israeli flag on Moddison Avenue with the star of David replaced with a blue swastika, along with other symbols. There is also a Palestinian flag, Christmas lights and a row of religious candles in the window.

"I just decided to come out because its emotional for me," said Robert Dixon. "I I don't know what he's trying prove or what he's trying to do."

The man responsible for the display didn't answer the door, but he had a message that reads: "Art speaks for itself. I refuse all corporate media interaction. I do not consent to being photographed, videoed or otherwise recorded."

"Because its his right doesn't make it right," Block said. "Freedom of speech is so critical to our country and our values so what we have to do is make sure that his hate speech is outweighed by the speech of peace, love and tolerance that you heard in this room today."

The lawmakers are hoping to see more protesters to pressure the man to take the symbols down.

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