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California Lawmaker Calls For Investigation Of Regulators After Many Report PG&E Bill Hikes

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One state lawmaker says regulators may be to blame for skyrocketing PG&E bills residents are reporting recently.

Senator Jerry Hill wants to investigate the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). He says something doesn't seem right and he's determined to find out what.

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Sen. Hill says the PUC is supposed to look at PG&E's rates monthly based on supply and demand of the product, and transportation costs. Regulators are supposed to make sure there is no price gouging and that rates are legal and bills are accurate.

"I am concerned when I hear that rate payers are getting charged that much of an increase and using the same amount of gas. Something's wrong," Sen. Hill said.

We asked if Sen. Hill would be launching an investigation.

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"What we're going to do is talk to the PUC; look at some examples of excessive rates and see how it happened; what's the justification; was it legal and was the PUC advised about that before they allowed the increase to go forward during that month," Sen. Hill said.

Sen. Hill said the investigation could last maybe one or two weeks at most.

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