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California Employment Department Gives Hiring Boost To Local Veterans

November 11 saw Veterans Day come and go, but the fine people at the California Employment Development Department are making sure that those veterans that are living among us find jobs that match the skills they've learned while on tours of duty. According to the EDD and a countless number of employers, reliability, dependability and team-building are just a few of the many attributes that a veteran brings to a work environment. To ensure that matching a veteran with a job goes as smoothly as possible, the EDD has set up a special CalJOBS website that helps veterans establish an online profile for themselves and get them on the job market. In turn, employers can log on to CalJOBS and find applicants that meet their job requirements, if they have an open position. Since the site was launched, more than 160,000 veterans in California alone have already uploaded resumes, including many of our local veterans. Also, the site is updated frequently to allow local veterans to find resume workshops, computer training and general work information.

And the data doesn't lie either. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobless rate for the veteran population in Sacramento, numbering around 94,000 since the latest census took place, has actually decreased over the years from a high of 9.8 percent back in 2008 to a new low of 4.3 percent this month. That's still a whole lot better than the rate for the nation which hovers around five percent.

Many of our local businesses are also trying their best to hire Sacramento veterans for all the right reasons. Earlier last week, the Sacramento History Museum was profiled to proudly boast that 25 percent of their staff is comprised of various veterans. Not surprisingly, the versatility of a veteran's training and the ability to adapt to multiple circumstances allows them to excel in all sorts of jobs, even one where you're on your feet as a tour guide.

Paulo Acoba is a California native raised in the Bay Area and living in the Central Valley. He enjoys distance running, cycling and grassroots motorsports. He holds a degree in management from the University of California Merced. Paulo has been writing for since 2012 and covering the Fresno area.

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