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California Drivers Rushing To Fill Up Before New Gas Surcharge Goes Into Effect

People all over the California are rushing to the gas station to make sure they start the New Year on a full tank.

Tomorrow the low prices we've been seeing at the pump could be yesterday's news.

Cars are lining up to get gas for at low prices that folks haven't seen in years. Laugh while you can because the first thing this year the price will go up by at least 10 cents a gallon.

With the New Year comes a new tax: California's cap-and-trade surcharge on all gas sales money that will be used to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

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"I don't wanna pay anymore that what I'm paying right now," said one person filling up their tank.

"Gas is gas, so you still need to get it no matter what," said one person filling up.

Republicans fought the hike and some Democrats wanted to delay it so the public would have more time to understand the law. But that effort failed.
Not everyone was caught by surprise.

"I read about it in the paper," said Randy Salbaugh.

Salbaugh made a special trip to the gas station.

"I'm gonna run around, get all three vehicles, get'em all filled up and go into the New Year with a full gas tank," he said.

If you didn't get your cheap gas today, tomorrow you may still be able to get it…or not. It's really unclear when the price increases are going to take effect in January.

Twenty-five percent of the new funds will go toward California's high-speed rail project.

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