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Text Message Phishing Scam Poses As California DMV And Asks For REAL ID Information Update

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The California DMV issued an alert this week about a text message phishing scam related to REAL ID compliance.

Some people have recently said they received a text message that says, "Our records indicate that your contact information must be updated for REAL ID Compliance. Provide an Up-to-date Mailing Address and Phone Number."

Pressing the continue button brings up another message that says, "Action Needed: Due to an update on our new regulation complaint, every CaDMV customer must update their contact information." It also includes a link where customers are urged to update their information.

The DMV says it would never ask for personal information through email, text, or over the phone.

"The DMV has not sent such a text, nor would we," DMV Director Steve Gordon said in a statement. "We offer secure online services and send text messages for some services, but never ask for personal information outside of a secure DMV account accessed by the customer."

Only customer actions, like setting an appointment or initiating an interactive, assisted online transaction, will get a text or email response for the DMV, which says it does not send unsolicited requests for information.

The DMV says customers should ignore or delete any unsolicited texts or emails requesting personal information on behalf of the DMV. Phishing attacks can be reported to the FTC or forwarded to Phishing text messages can be forwarded to SPAM (7726).

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