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How To Make Sure California DMV's Motor Voter Program Didn't Leave You With 'No Party Preference'

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Are you a registered Republican or Democrat? Are you sure?

A growing number of Californians are surprised to find they've been un-registered and switched to "no party preference."

This issue could have the greatest impact on Republicans as they only allow people to vote in the primary if they are registered Republican.

El Dorado County mailed out 30,000 postcards on Friday, notifying folks that they are registered "no party preference." They worry some may have been switched by mistake – and we've learned El Dorado is not alone.

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The county got dozens of complaints last year from people who were shocked to learn they'd lost their party affiliation. Most had recently done business with the DMV.

Last year, the California DMV launched its Motor Voter program where people who went to the DMV for other business could also update their voter registration.

But some who skipped the party preference question automatically had their status changed to no party preference.

Santa Clara County, which was among the first to send out their postcards, says they've already heard from at least 300 voters who may have switched in error.

Sacramento County reports nearly 200 calls so far.

Shasta County reports at least 100 complaints.

San Joaquin County says they've only heard from a few people so far, but they haven't sent out their no-party preference mailing yet.

You can confirm your voter status by calling or visiting your County Elections Office.

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