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Deceased Not Disabled: DMV Keeps Sending Parking Placards To Dead Woman

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Virginia Irons died three years ago, but the California DMV keeps sending her disabled parking placards.

Her daughter-in-law Liz Irons sent us pictures of two placards the DMV sent after Virginia died in 2018.

Liz says she has gone into the DMV twice to return three other parking placards.

"Because if she's deceased, she no longer needs them," Liz said.

The DMV says you are required to return placards within 60-days of a death. They also say she should have been asked to fill out a form documenting the death.

Liz says that did not happen.

"They say, 'Oh, thank you,' took it, and that was that," Liz said.

The DMV wouldn't call it a mistake, but said: "procedures may not have been followed which prevented the record from being updated."

After we got involved, Virginia Irons was put to rest in the DMV files along with her parking placards.

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