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Parents Stage Statewide Walkout On Monday Over California's School COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A number of parents have pulled their children out of school on Monday to protest California's looming COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Hundreds of protesters descended on the California State Capitol on Monday morning. Other rallies are also planned across the state.

Some parents say they are concerned about the long-term effects the vaccine might have on a child.

Others are concerned about personal choice.

"The vaccine mandate I don't think should be forced upon anybody," said A.J. Fernandez.

A UC San Francisco infectious disease expert is trying to assure parents that the vaccine is safe.

"The FDA, when they fully approve something, they go through months of data. They really are about safety," said Dr. Monica Gandhi.

"So, I want parents to feel comfortable that when the FDA fully approves this that it's safe for their children," she added.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the COVID-19 vaccination requirement back in October. Children in grades 7-12 must either be vaccinated or get an exemption.

The mandate will go into full effect once the vaccines get full FDA approval for ages 5-1.

Many school districts, like Sacramento City Unified, are urging parents to keep their kids in class.

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