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CA Medical Board Describes Fair Oaks Doctor's Vaccine Waivers As 'Gross Negligence'

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Fair Oaks doctor is at risk of losing her license after a year-long investigation by the Medical Board of California.

In a 2017 interview with CBS13, Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton expressed her thoughts on vaccines.

"The fact is that vaccine injury is real," said Sutton.

New documents submitted to the California Medical Board allege Sutton gave at least eight patients waivers for vaccines sometimes without "in-person clinic visits" and examinations. The board found in each case the waivers were unwarranted.

"There is no documentation of any vaccine reactions or an underlying condition that would qualify for an exemption," William Prasifka, Executive Director of the Medical Board of California, said in the complaint.

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Senator Dr. Richard Pan helped pass one of California's toughest vaccination measures and believes Sutton abused her power.

"It seems to represent the callous disregard for the health and safety of children," said Sutton. "We have a vaccine to stop these diseases but you have people like Dr. Sutton who are granting inappropriate waivers, endangering those children and endangering our children as well by eroding the community immunity we need to keep those diseases at bay."

The findings claim Sutton wrote an all-encompassing waiver exempting patients from all vaccinations. In 2019 we spoke to Auburn mother Sarah Rule when the medical board's investigation started. She says she was worried about genetic pre-disposition and claims Dr. Sutton did not grant her kids a medical exception without cause.

"It was a comprehensive process, she understood my concerns about previous vaccine situations, we then proceeded with extensive genetic testing," Rule explained.

California Medical Board documents reveal the medical board argued Dr. Sutton abused her position.

"Respondent engaged in unprofessional conduct and was grossly negligent, and/ or repeatedly negligent, and/ or incompetent in her care and treatment…," the complaint detailed.

CBS13 reached out to Dr. Sutton for comment. Her office said she was unavailable for comment.

The complainant document requests for a hearing to be held. Upon that hearing, the state's medical board can decide to revoke or suspend Dr. Sutton's license among other actions.

[Editor's note: References to "court documents", which is incorrect, have been replaced with "California Medical Board documents."]

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