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Caught On Camera: Burglars Ransack Sacramento Tech Startup

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County sheriff's deputies are searching for two thieves who made off with thousands of dollars-worth of computers.

The suspects broke into a web design startup on Howe Avenue in Sacramento early Wednesday morning.

They stole seven iMac computers and a pair of designer headphones before getting away.

The employees were set back for a few days, and now they're hoping their surveillance video will help arrest the burglars.

"They were in and out very quick," said Tyler Tassinari, an employee.

It took less than a minute for two crooks to ransack web design startup Three29. A blue sedan pulls up in front of the startup, and the driver then shatters the front door.

His accomplice follows him in; then, both make their rounds across the workspace snatching as many computers as they can hold.

"It definitely seemed like they knew what they were planning on doing," Tassinari said.

Thousands of dollars worth of computers were stolen, setting employees back with their work schedules.

"It's the hardware that we need; we need to come in and log in somewhere, so that was the biggest loss," he said.

Tassinari's work laptop was stolen during the burglary. He brought his personal laptop from home to avoid falling behind at work.

"It's a little irritating. You just don't want it to happen, it creates extra work for everyone, and I get frustrated," Tassinari added.

Lucky for Tassinari's colleagues, the startup has a few spare desktops for them to work on until new ones are ordered.

Tassinari says he's thankful everyone's work was stored on a cloud server, allowing them to pick up closer to where they left off.

"Kinda bizarre it's one of those things you hear about but don't expect it to happen to you," said Tassinari.

It's a case of two burglars targeting high-tech equipment, only to have their every move documented by high-tech cameras.

Sacramento County Sheriff's detectives are now reviewing the surveillance to try and identify the burglars.

In the meantime, Three29 is looking at getting special locks for their equipment.

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