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Bueller The Swimmer's Syndrome Bulldog Finds New Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An abandoned puppy who couldn't stand or walk has found a forever home.

Bueller has become quite the superstar at the Sacramento SPCA and around the world. At 2 months old, the little bulldog was surrendered by his breeder because he suffers from swimmer's syndrome.

"He as just laid out flat," said Lesley Kireene with the SPCA. "He couldn't stand. He had urine burns all over his tummy because he couldn't stand to go to the bathroom, but we all fell in love right away and knew we were going to do whatever we could for him."

After months of treatment and learning how to use his legs on a baby walker, he's standing, walking and running.

"He just started to blossom," she said. "We did water therapy with him everyday. we got a little lifejacket and hold him in a tub of water. dog paddle and it built up his strength."

Linda Taylor and her husband recently lost their bulldog Chubs to cancer, despite chemotherapy and treatments. Dozens applied to adopt Bueller, but the SPCA decided they were the perfect fit.

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