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Brinks Driver Teeters Over Edge of I-5, Rescued From Brink of Disaster

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Brinks truck driver was rescued from his armored vehicle as it teetered over the edge of Interstate 5 on Tuesday.

Dispatch audio recordings describe one officer's first sight of the scary situation.

Officer: "…I have a visual, looks like the Brinks truck is hanging off the north guard rail? Start CalTrans for a closure…"

CBS13 video shows the Brinks truck hanging over the side of the Interstate 5 Yolo Bypass. The driver was stuck inside as the armored vehicle teetered 40 feet above the ground.

Woodland Fire Department Battalion Chief Jim Dahl responded to the scene.

"As we arrived, we noticed that the vehicle was hanging over the edge and needs to be stabilized," Dahl said. "So we utilized the tow trucks to stabilize the vehicle."

With tow trucks holding the armored vehicle in place, firefighters discovered none of the armored vehicle's doors would open for security purposes.

They decided to use a ladder truck to rescue the driver through a hatch in the cab.

"Through bulletproof glass, which is hard to communicate through, they were able to communicate enough to figure out the best way to remove him from the vehicle," Dahl said.

Firefighters were able to pull the Brinks driver to safely.

"He was shook up," Dahl said.

This Brinks truck driver was on the brink of disaster.

The CHP said the driver was going too fast for the speed of traffic and rear-ended another vehicle before ending up in that dangerous position.

Officers at the scene did not issue a citation becuase they felt he had already learned his lesson.

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