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Boy Faces Long Recovery After Pit Bull Attack

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A nine-year-old boy is alive but still has a long road to recovery after nearly dying in a pit bull attack a month ago.

Malik Harvey has undergone nearly 10 surgeries at Shriners Children's Hospital to repair the extreme damage done at a birthday party in South Sacramento in January.

The boy's mother, LaShawnda Piraquive, said a pit bull pounced on Malik in a friend's backyard, tearing huge chunks out of his arm and leg and causing more injuries to his head.

Piraquive credits a neighbor for saving Malik's life. Pat Nunes said he "just did what I had to do" when he peeled the attacking animal off of the boy before more damage could be done.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the scene and shot the dog, killing it.

Malik's arm is still bandaged, but he is not able to wiggle his fingers on his injured arm and doctors hope he will be able to recover.

"I'm very lucky, very lucky that's he's alive," Piraquive said. "I call him my little entertainer, you know, he loves to put a smile on someone's face."

The family is accepting donations to help cover the costs of medical bills for Malik's injuries. Donations can be given at Wells Fargo Bank, account #8658890317 for Malik A. Harvey. For more information, call (916) 365-2877.

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