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Boy Battles Back From Leukemia, Now Looks To Help Others

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As 11-year-old Garrett Heisinger learns the hot new sport of "footgolf" at Haggin Oaks, he looks like your typical kid having a ball.

But Garrett's life was hardly fun and games. Just a few months ago, leukemia hit him like a ton of bricks.

"He was a very sick young man, he couldn't move off the couch, he wouldn't speak ... he answered me in grunts," said Jennifer Pear from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Now, Garrett is back in school.

"What was it like going back to school?" We asked. "Good, because they were happy that I was back," Garrett said.

Garrett is happy to tell us about a life-saving event he's part of that'll help more kids like him reach their goal: A charity footgolf tournament, set for Haggin Oaks on April 13.

"Our goal and the mission is to find a cure, so with everybody's support and investment and patient services, we will find a cure someday," said Roland Guillen from the Warren G. Bender Co.

Helping in that mission was a no-brainer for those asked to get involved.

"When the team came to us and said would you be interested in holding a footgolf event to help raise money, we just jumped at the chance," said Director of Golf at Haggin Oaks, Mike Woods.

A chance to create more moments like this: getting sick boys and girls off their couch, out of chemo and back in the game – where even a miss is cause for celebration, as more children and adults with blood-type cancers are given a second chance.

You can help make magic and help find a cure by signing up to play in the footgolf tournament. Head to for more information.

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