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Booted From Colorado, Violent Sex Offender Now Calls Carmichael Home

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A sex offender and convicted rapist was booted from his Boulder, Colorado, community and transferred to a quiet Carmichael neighborhood.

Christopher Lawyer, 42, who was deemed a sexually violent predator in Colorado, moved in with a relative four months ago, but neighbors say they just found out and now they're worried for their safety.

It's a quiet and well-manicured community. On one street in Carmichael, everyone knows their neighbors.

"We're a very tight-knit community," said concerned neighbor Joe Vahle.

But there's one man that no one knows that has the neighborhood on edge.

"Very upset, very concerned."

Lawyer was transferred to California in October, but neighbors just found out Thursday.

"They have to be somewhere when they get out of prison and serve their time, but to be honest it's a little too close for comfort," said Vahle.

Lawyer was sent to prison in 2001 after kidnapping and raping a woman at gunpoint and attempting to do the same to other women. But when he was released, Colorado State authorities couldn't find him a place to live, as outraged communities protested. He eventually applied for a federal interstate parole transfer to live with a relative in California, and it was granted.

Dale Freeman lives with Lawyer's aunt. He owns the home and says he agreed to let Lawyer move in with them temporarily.

"They don't have anything to worry about; he's done his time. He deserves a break. If there was a problem, I'd kick him out at a moment's notice."

The neighbors are also concerned about the fact that Lawyer's name is not registered on the Megan's Law online database. He is registered in the Sacramento County Sheriff's sex offender website, and according to the sheriff's department, he's been wearing a GPS ankle bracelet, checking in with his parole officer and has a right to live in any home as long as he's following the rules.

"He is in compliance with Penal Code 290 and has fulfilled his registration requirements," said Sacramento County Sheriff's Office PIO Shaun Hampton.

Still, the news of their new neighbor is sending shock waves through the typically calm community.

"I'm always on guard for the safety of my family," said Vahle.

Laywer was recently questioned after authorities found he had been texting a Sacramento woman who disappeared in Auburn several months ago, prior to her disappearance. The woman was later found dead in the American River Canyon. Authorities determined Lawyer had nothing to do with her disappearance.

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