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Board Of Supervisors To Vote On Emergency Ban On No-Fault Evictions

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Dozens of people in one Sacramento County apartment complex who were served with no-fault eviction notices could be forced out of their homes the day before Thanksgiving.

Debbie Stollery, 68, is living in crisis, facing a holiday she fears she could end up homeless after receiving a no-fault eviction notice at her Arden-area apartment.

"I've never been homeless and I'm scared," Stollery said. "I have to be out the day before Thanksgiving."

She said she feels like a failure because she can't afford to live like everyone is expected to live.

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Nearly everyone in her 58-unit complex received the notice, forced out as part of the sale of the building. Stollery lives on a low, fixed-income and says she won't be able to find another affordable home to rent.

"I can hire someone to help me move my stuff to a storage locker, and I'll have to live in my car," Stollery said.

The term's of the building's sale includes an agreement to terminate tenant leases before a new statewide rent control law kicks in on January 1. The deadline is leading to a spike in evictions in many California communities before the new year.

"It's a crisis and people are getting no-fault evictions at a much higher rate than usual," Chad Osborn with the Sacramento Tenants Union.

Now, Sacramento's Board of Supervisors is considering an emergency ordinance that would ban no-fault evictions for the rest of the year. The proposed ban would allow Stollery to stay, saving her from a financial crisis.

The proposed ban requires four of five board of supervisors votes to pass. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday.

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