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Blogger Wants To Eat At Every Restaurant In Roseville

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) - Sean Carter is writing about his experience as he devours the long list of restaurants in the city of Roseville.

"Yeah, that's very good," said Carter.

Sean Carter may not be the first to do it.

"I'm trying to go through every restaurant in Roseville," said Carter.

But he's the first to write about it in a blog appropriately named Eating Through Roseville.

"It's almost like a job; a fun, delicious job," said Carter.

He says his criteria are simple. Chain restaurants as well as coffee smoothie and yogurt shops are off the table.

"There's plenty of places you just drive by; holes in the wall you don't think about; those are the places I'm trying to find," said Carter.

He wants to do the tasting first so you don't have to. Carter says the best part of his endeavor is discovering new restaurants. He claims there are 200.

"I would never guess there's that many," said Carter.

So in the six months since beginning his blogging adventure and he's already been to 51.

We came along for number 52: Country Gables on Washington Street, where he tried the eggs benedict and 53: Pacific Street Café.

"We hope he gives us great reviews. So he tried the cinnamon french toast which is everyone's favorite, so that's a great choice," said a server.

Carter takes pictures to post and then divulges each delicious detail.

"If i put it in my mouth and it tastes good then it was a good restaurant," said Carter.

He may not be a trained food critic, but this electrical engineer-turned-blogger loves food.

"They don't compare. You're going out to eat having a good time. It's nothing like work," said Carter.

He says his favorite dish so far is the candied bacon lettuce tomato sandwich from Boxing Donkey.

Paul Martin's and Crush follow behind as his favorite restaurants to eat.

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