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Viewers Shower Girl With Birthday Cards As She Battles Cancer

TUOLUMNE COUNTY (CBS13) — A little girl from Tuolumne County has stolen the hearts of hundreds of people in her fight with Stage 4 cancer.

CBS13 first brought you the story of 3-year-old Grace Lynn Whited last week, and what she wanted were more cards and a pink horse for her birthday. Her family is overwhelmed by the response.

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"It's crazy how many love my little girl, and they don't even know her," said mom Jessica Whited.


Grace Lynn Whited
P.O Box 2164
Columbia, CA 95310

Grace was pretty weak during her last interview, but this time she was smiling and had a lot of energy. So many people are rooting for her and since our story aired she has received hundreds of cards.

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"We got a lot of cards," said Grace.

Grace was diagnosed with a Stage 4 neuroblastoma just about 3 weeks ago, cancer often found in the adrenal glands.

Grace's mom opened up a P.O. box for anyone who wanted to write and she never expected this.

"I did not imagine it would be this much, they even had to put a key in the box so I would go into another locker because there was not enough room," said Whited.

When we asked how many cards they've received:

"Probably total so far like a 1,000," said Whited.

And it doesn't end there. Grace's story has touched hundreds of lives including a young woman, a horse rider in Yuba City.

"The strength and what she's going through, I can't imagine the fight she's putting up, and it's truly inspirational," said Brenna Auld.

Grace has asked for a pink horse for her 4th birthday on July 26. And Auld says she wants to make that happen for her by painting her real horse pink and loaning him to her for her special day.

"I hope being able to have a pink horse, will give her even more reason to fight," said Auld.

Auld says Grace reminds her of herself at that age begging her grandparents for a horse and she wants to pay it forward.

"It took me back to that moment when I was a little girl, I was like wow this means something to me, I've never felt so strong to reach out to somebody," she said.

And while "Amazing Grace" is gearing up for her second round of chemo, the outpouring of love is keeping her spirits up and the hope alive.

"Thank you to everyone, it's such a blessing to see so many care about her, I'm truly thankful," said Whited.

Auld is teaming up with several groups in Grace's local area who are putting together a birthday fundraiser for Grace on July 7th.

Auld says she will be using non-toxic paint that's specifically for livestock to paint her horse pink, but she needs help with a trailer to transport the horse to Tuolumne County.

The family has started a GoFundMe account to help cover medical costs. They also have a Facebook page to update Grace's progress:

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