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Girl Battling Cancer Wants Cards For Her 4th Birthday

TUOLUMNE COUNTY (CBS13) — A 3-year-old girl from Tuolumne County is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

Grace Lynn Whited, who lives near Modesto, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma just one month before turning 4. At the end of May, her family noticed something was wrong.

"She just wasn't herself. She didn't want to walk, she said her legs hurt, her bruises wouldn't go away," said mom Jessica Whited.


Grace Lynn Whited
P.O Box 2164
Columbia, CA 95310

Jessica spoke to us via Skype from their home in Columbia.

She says she noticed Grace wasn't acting like herself, and after a visit to the doctor and several tests, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, cancer often found in the adrenal glands. According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 800 new cases in children each year.

"It's a shock because you wonder how does that happen and why did that happen?" said Whited.

In the Skype interview, Grace tried to crack a smile but was exhausted after having spent the day at Oakland Children's Hospital.

"The first week was really rough, she was getting a lot of shots, a lot of blood drawn," said Grace's mom.

While the first round of chemotherapy has been tough, there's a reason her family calls her Amazing Grace.

"She's a champ. Some things are rough, they're really hard, and she gets scared and cries, but most things she goes with it and is really strong," said Whited.

And her older brother Logan is her biggest cheerleader.

"I hope she gets better," he said.

Since Grace's immune system is compromised, she hasn't been able to get many visitors in the hospital, but what she has gotten are cards.

"She loves opening cards and us reading to her and just likes hearing from people," said Whited.

And now just days before her fourth birthday on July 26, those cards and well wishes give little Grace and her family just the perfect dose of hope, they need.

"They've just spread it all over the world, everyone's praying for us, and it's been amazing," she said.

The family has started a GoFundMe account to help cover medical costs. They also have a Facebook page to update Grace's progress:

When asked what gift she'd like for her 4th birthday, Grace mentioned she'd like a pink horse.

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