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Californians Could Soon Register Their Vehicle Every Other Year

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new bill would allow Californians to register their vehicles with the DMV every other year.

Senate Bill 460, introduced by Senator Beall, would authorize the DMV to establish a biennial registration period for a vehicle on or after Jan. 1, 2020. Subsequent renewals would be required at biennial intervals after it goes into effect.

You can read the full text of the bill here. 

There have been other bills introduced during this session to make changes at the DMV. Assembly Bill 867 would require the DMV to accept credit cards starting July 1, 2020. The bill introduction comes after Governor Gavin Newsom called out the DMV for some of its practices, including its inability to allow people to pay with plastic.

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Additionally, AB 317 would make it illegal to sell, or offer to sell, an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The law would apply to people, firms, corporations, or associations. If it's passed, those caught selling or offering to sell appointments would be charged with a misdemeanor and face a fine up to $2,500. The money would get deposited into the State Transportation Fund.

Many people have complained about the long wait times at the DMV, even for those who have appointments. Governor Newsom is calling for a sweeping change to the DMV, calling the organization "chronically mismanaged." He's creating a task force to address several issues, including long wait times.

Swipe below to see strange laws on the books in California.

Watch Your Roosters
In Lompoc, it's cock-a-doodle-oh-no-you-dont! Roosters are outlawed. (credit: CBS)
Let Cowboys Be Cowboys
They don't like city slickers in Blythe! If you don't own at least two cows, you can do time for wearing cowboy boots. (credit: AP)
No Cursing On The Course
Talk about a golf handicap. In Long Beach, according to, you are not allowed to curse or use foul language while playing miniature golf. Apparently, it's okay to curse like a sailor while playing badminton or tennis. But curse while playing some #$%* miniature golf and find your #$%**#$ in hot water. (credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
No Nukes In Chino
Note to terrorists! Don't go to Chino: detonating a nuclear device of any kind, within the city limits, will get you a $500 fine. (credit: AP)
Peacocks Have The Right Of Way
You drivers better slow down in Arcadia! According to, peacocks there always have the right of way. (credit: CBS)
Pick Up That Dog Poo!
Scooby Doo! According to, if you leave dog waste in your yard for more than seven days in Cerritos, you can be cited. Of course, we want to know how anyone knows what dog doo looks like on the eighth day? And, more interestingly, whose job is it to decide? (credit: K'shel Bell)
Prostitutes Don't Make Change
In San Francisco, hookers are not required to carry bills on their person larger than $50 in order to make change. (credit: AP)
Rhino's Can't Get Horny
Horny? Don't be a rhino in California! According to a website that specializes in strange facts about sex, all animals are banned in the Golden State from mating within 1500 feet of a place of worship, school or tavern. Presumably they CAN drink at the tavern but they can't get busy near the tavern. Ah, and speaking of rhinos, if you want to own one in Norco, you have to pony up $100 for the privilege. (credit: L.A. Zoo)
Slow It Down In Glendale
You'll never be able to see the Glendale 500 at this rate. Indianapolis has nothing to worry about. It is illegal for someone in Glendale to jump into a moving or passing car. And according to, it is also illegal to go in reverse. (credit: CBS)
Leave The Lizards Alone
Lizards don't have a lot of rights, but in Fresno they enjoy major protection. Lizards cannot be annoyed while in city parks. So if you're in the park minding your own business, and some lizard sits down with his boom box and starts blasting his music, the cops will take his side. (credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Dogs Can't Get Frisky
Don't let Fido get frisky in Ventura County. He or she will get busted. Dogs and cats need a permit to, uh, get animal. (credit: CBS)
Do Not Lick A Toad
Like it or not, it's the law. You cannot (underscore cannot) lick a toad anywhere in Los Angeles. And this is even if the toad is consenting and over 18. (credit: Frogwatch (North) via Getty Images)
Don't Belt Your Wife
Stay belted! Hard to believe, but it's allegedly legal for a man to beat his wife in Los Angeles if he uses a belt less than 2 inches wide, and if she gives her consent. (credit: AP)
Don't Flip Your Lid
Apparently they're trying to keep the lid on pollution in Dana Point. You can use your restroom, but close the window or else! (credit: AP)
Don't Kiss A Man With A Moustache
Who wouldn't want to be kissed by mega hunk Tom Selleck? Well, if you live in Eureka watch those lips! Men with moustaches are simply not allowed to plant a wet one on a woman in Eureka. (credit: CBS)
Don't ZZZZzzzz In The Car
In Cathedral City, it's illegal to sleep in a parked car. (credit: CBS)
Drop The Fish In Portola
Man walks into a bar. He says, "Hi, do you serve fish here?' and the bartender says 'Sure, sit down. We'll serve anyone.'" As funny as that joke isn't (sorry!), the truth is, it's against the law to walk into a bar in Portola carrying a fish. (credit: AP)
Hide Those Buttocks!
And you wonder why J-Lo doesn't do concerts in Hermosa Beach. It is illegal to show your buttocks on a playground in that city. (credit: CBS)
Ugly People Stay Home
Ha! And they say people in LA can be shallow and obsessed with looks! In San Francisco, it is actually illegal for ugly people to walk down the street. (credit:
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