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Bike Lane Brawl At Sac State Campus

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A case of road rage on the Sacramento State University campus has a driver facing a felony charge.

Nicholas Soller is facing an assault with a deadly weapon charge after an alleged violent attack on a bicyclist on campus. Sacramento State Police say an angry exchange started when Soller was illegally parked in a bike lane on College Town Drive and a bicyclist complained.

Police say Soller tailed the cyclist in a high-traffic area and crashed into him before getting out of his car to continue a physical assault.

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Sydney O'Neal is a Sacramento State student who witnessed the aftermath of the attack as police began their investigation.

"It's a little bit scary for that to happen at the Sac State campus," O'Neal said. "It's scary because I know there is other bicyclists and students commuting to and from campus that he could have easily hurt or injured."

Sacramento State police say students were the first to call cops to report the crime as it was unfolding.

"They did a great job of stopping and calling us and alerting us to it," Lieutenant Christina Lofthouse said. "This is an unusual incident on our campus."

Soller is not a Sacramento State student. His arrest log shows he lives three miles from campus at a home in Tahoe Park.

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No one answered the door at the address Friday evening.

"It's a little bit shocking," O'Neal said.

Nicholas Soller is free on bail tonight.

The victim, in this case, is expected to be okay.

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