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Bicyclists Worry About Dangers Of Bike Lanes In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Bicycle lanes around Sacramento have been a long-standing issue with cyclists, especially in Downtown.

Narrow bike lanes force many of them to peddle through traffic, and it's raising safety concerns around the cycling community.

Roberto Villeda navigates the streets of Downtown Sacramento pretty well, but even he says he has to be on alert when he's riding on two wheels.

"There are a lot of streets that don't have bicycle lanes," he said.

The streets of Downtown and Midtown are like an obstacle course, he said.

"Every day when I jump on my bicycle, I know I'm risking my life," he said.


Amadeo Munoz hung up his bike last year after cycling downtown for the last two decades. he says it's just too dangerous.

"People not looking in their mirrors have caused me to go over someone's door, and I got scars all over the place," he said.

The biggest safety hazards are the narrow bike lanes that end abruptly on congested streets, like one on Ninth Street across from city hall.

"You have to be alert, and if you drop your guard for one second, that could be it right there," he said.

The city planner responded to our questions about the lanes, saying "The biggest challenge to implementing the bikeway network is the lack of funding.  Grant opportunities happen usually about once or twice a year and are very competitive."

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