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Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Sacramento Beauty Guru

As the cold and slumber of winter fades, the earth begins to awaken with a spirit of joy, color and rebirth. Many people feel the same way, particularly those lucky enough to live in the quick-thawing and early-blooming Sacramento region. If spring inspires you to break from routine and begin anew, check out these tips from a local beauty guru.


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Stylist Debbie Driggs knows a lot about beauty. She started cosmetology school at 16 and has been a successful small business owner in Sacramento ever since. Although she has been in the beauty biz for years, Driggs stays vibrant and youthful with an active lifestyle including sports and family get-togethers with four kids, two grandchildren and the man of her dreams.

Driggs has a loyal following of customers from ages two to 85; entire generations of families come to her salon. In addition to offering high-quality care, Driggs offers a few special things; her sense of humor, sunny disposition and tactful honesty. If someone wants a style or color that will not look good on them, she makes sure they know of other lovely, flattering options.

Driggs shares some of her favorite beauty tips for spring 2013:

spring red

Brighten up. Take a page from the brilliance of spring and brighten up the look of your hair. Driggs suggests that a salon shine treatment will add light, depth and dimension to your locks. No matter how your hair is styled or colored, adding that touch of spring glow can improve your outlook as well as your appearance. Consider refreshing your mane with red and auburn notes this spring. Driggs favors a bold scarlet color for herself, and notes that coppery tones look particularly good as the temperature outside heats up.

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Get bronzed up. A sun-kissed complexion is beautiful on a warm spring day and applying a bronzer is an easy way to get it. Driggs suggests applying a light hint of bronzer all over the face, including a touch on the forehead, chin and jaw. Traditionally a dusting of bronzer was suggested for only the cheeks and nose, but Driggs says that a balanced application gives a more natural and youthful look. The key to bronzing is to start with healthy skin. Use gentle facial scrubs and moisturizers first if your complexion tends to be dry or flaky.

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spring colors
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Color yourself happy. Look around Sacramento in spring and you'll see gorgeous colors everywhere, from the budding glory of the Effie Yeaw Nature Center to the shimmering water of the American River. So if you've been itching to ditch those somber black and white outfits, opt for more color in your clothes. Even picking up a few inexpensive, colorful accessories can energize your whole look and mood.

Driggs, who loves ripe, juicy fruit colors like orange and lemon-lime, advises to find what actually looks good on you. Take a friend when shopping and ask for their honest opinion about which looks are flattering. Simply being drawn to a certain color or style does not mean that it suits you, and no one needs more impulse buys gathering dust in the closet.

spring bob
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Try something new and follow your bliss. Spring is the season of change and few things can bring a sense of personal rejuvenation as quickly as a new hairstyle. Driggs says women are often pleasantly surprised when their hair cut is shorter, because what is lost in length is gained in volume. Layers always add movement and life to hair as well, whether you favor a short, swingy bob or long wavy tresses a la Sofia Vergara.

The important thing, says Driggs, is to not worry about what everyone else is doing. Focus on styles that make you look and feel good, not simply ones that are popular or look good on a celebrity.


Keep things pure. For hair care, Driggs swears by the Pureology line of salon products. The company offers customized shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, texturizers and treatments to help bring out the best in your hair. Specially formulated products work wonders with colored, damaged or aging hair, and they feature natural extracts and aromatherapy scents.

Pureology is only available through a salon; contact Driggs to purchase any of the numerous products in the line.

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