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Best Specialty Kitchen Stores In Sacramento

For some, cooking is simply one of many necessary but uninteresting daily chores. Others love to try elaborate recipes, make everything from scratch, create their own baked goods or cure their own meats. Those in that first category can find tools to make meal preparation faster and simpler, while the latter can appreciate supplies and implements to enhance their culinary creations. Luckily, for both, these Sacramento businesses are happy to help make the most of everyone's kitchen time, skills and interests.

Chef's Mercantile
116 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 737-5636

This looks like an old-fashioned general store blended with a contemporary gourmet boutique. Mandolins, precise timers, food mills, zesters, bowls, colanders, cast-iron cookware, canning supplies and stick blenders are available, and they are the perfect tools to create recipes found in an interesting selection of cookbooks. The shop features products from fun to elegant, including serving bowls, linens, mugs, glassware, plates, platters and cutlery that ensure a perfectly set table. Kitchen décor can spice up the look of your favorite galley, and your guests will love the whimsy of things like wine glasses make to look like red Solo cups on stems.

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Cake Castle Bakery & Supplies
5601 66th Ave., Suite C
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 394-4040

Cake Castle is a bakery, but is particularly appreciated by novice or experienced home bakers. Find an assortment of fun liner cups, cookie cutters, baking dishes and pans, and a selection of molds to create cakes in a variety of shapes. The shop stocks a number of cool kitchen gadgets, but it especially shines in the decoration and frosting department. Even someone new to baking can make beautifully decorated cakes with the tools available here, such as piping implements, frosting tips and pre-made sugar adornments. Fondant can be a challenge for all but the most experienced bakers, but the shop offers ways to make the job much easier. Remember to bring your “frequent baker” punch card to earn rewards.

Mixed Bag
2405 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 447-6123

Guests to Mixed Bag know that the shop carries an almost overwhelming floor-to-ceiling selection of eclectic merchandise. But take a quick turn to the right as you come through the door, and you will find an area stocked with cool kitchen supplies. Colorful dishes, teacups, timers, linens and unusual cooking and baking tools are featured, along with unique gourmet teas, candy, serving pieces and more. Selections run the gamut from gorgeous and artistic to whimsical or kitschy; be sure to check out fun items like lidded coffee mugs made to look like dogs, cats or ladybugs. Corkscrews can come in traditional designs or shaped to look like lips, and wine bottle toppers include shiny metal designs shaped like rabbits.

Mac the Antique Plumber Inc.
6325 Elvas Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95819
(916) 454-4507

Vintage or antique kitchen pieces can be the perfect touch to enhance the style of your interiors, and have been beautifully restored to ensure peak reliability over the long haul. Mac also has contemporary items that are reproductions of vintage looks, but made with modern mechanics and plumbing. If you favor country décor, you will appreciate pieces like farmer kitchen sinks and cast iron farmhouse drain boards. There are hammered copper kitchen basins, bar sinks, vintage cabinet latches and drawer pulls and a variety of antique-looking faucets and light fixtures.

920 20th St., Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 341-0240

This is not just one of the area’s favorite wine producers; the tasting room is also a great spot to pick up tools and décor for foodies and wine lovers. There are wine-themed kitchen linens, wine funnels for aeration, decanters, preservers, jiggers, stoppers, drip rings and cork pulls for wine and champagne bottles. Coffee drinkers can look through a selection of French presses, coffee mills and stovetop espresso machines. Gorgeous engraved copper pans for sautéing, frying and roasting are a hit, and there are trays and serving ware made from wine barrel staves. For a little whimsy, pick up a sock monkey bottle coozie.

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