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Best Sacramento Fashion Blogs

Sacramento's diverse mélange of artists, fashionistas, families, politicians and naturalists make it a prime place for bloggers of every stripe. Some of the area's best blogs focus on the pursuit of happiness in the form of personal style and fashion. Readers can get a fresh perspective on apparel from red-hot trends to staples, burgeoning local designs and designers and accessories from winsome to wild. While wildly expensive runway attire and Fashion Week superstars are often featured, many Sacramento bloggers love to ferret out en vogue looks at thrift store prices.

The Dress Fiend

It takes a rare individual to quote Dr. Seuss as their fashion guru, but Phoebe Verkouw knows the value of "why fit in when you were born to stand out." Blogging as The Dress Fiend, Verkouw writes about fashion, design and style with an eye towards thrifty shopping. Current color trends and runway fashions are presented, along with comparable outfits she has located in thrift stores and consignment shops. Verkouw has been featured on "Good Day Sacramento" several times, offering local women advice on finding thrifty, flattering and fashionable styles. Many bloggers focus on clothing that is appropriate for themselves, but Verkouw also includes posts and photos of plus-size styles and maternity outfits.

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Styles by Gina

In her blog, Gina Sanchez models clothing by on-point, trendy designers, as well as outfits she has created and made herself. Her retro-futuristic style is a steam punker's dream, and she sports vibrantly colored wigs and items like corset jumpers, cascading ruffles and petticoat minis. A huge fan of Hello Kitty, Sanchez' blog features many bling-rich clothing items and accessories that feature the Sanrio character. As an active supporter of local stylists, designers and salons, Sanchez promotes fashion shows and other events in the Sacramento area. Keep an eye out for cosplay outfits and jewelry from SacAnime and trendy styles featured at Launch X Fashion.
Thrift Your Heart Out

Katie Curler loves a bargain and blogs about how to create fashionable, flattering looks from thrift store finds. Photographs of movie stars and other glamorous celebs are interspersed with pics of Curler modeling similar thrift store styles, and she does not limit her advice just to clothing. Jewelry, shoes, belts and other accessories are discussed and featured as well. Readers are invited to send in photos of high-fashion attire, and Curler will search Sacramento thrift stores for comparable styles. She recently began a YouTube series called "Ask Katie," featuring advice on current fashions that can be found at Salvation Army thrift stores. Curler, modeling a leopard-print skirt, was included in an InStyle magazine piece and has been featured in several posts on Thrift Town's fashion blog.
To Fashion And Floral

To Fashion and Floral features many artistic elements, thanks to blogger Chelsie Perez. The self-proclaimed "fashionista florist" grew up in her mother's Sacramento flower shop and incorporates blossoms and greenery into everything she does. In TFF, Perez models fun, youthful outfits that are available locally and reasonable in price. Her degree and experience in interior design are apparent in staged photo shoots, including one that features exquisite china, crystal champagne glasses and a bride and groom. Perez also designs and writes about her line of Coachella-ready flower crowns and hair wreathes.
Thrift Shop Commando

There is no reason to be bland when you can go Thrift Shop Commando. This creative and whimsical site is written by a "normal" woman with a clearly a-typical mind, and the blog includes advice and thrift store treasure of many kinds. From saucy underthings to trendy clothes, spectacular eyeglasses and funky hats, the unidentified but frequently photographed Commando loves beehive wigs in radiant colors, architecture, travel and family.

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Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
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