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Best Lunches For Less Than $10 In Sacramento

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Whether for business or pleasure, lunch in Sacramento doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, there are several options for less than $10. 

Let's Save

Think the only way to cut down on the cost is to bring it in a brown bag, find a fast food value menu of regret or just skip it altogether? Think again Sacramentans. Our fair city has tons of midday grub options at affordable prices and they don't involve a drive through. With a few simple tricks and a little research, the indulgence of restaurants doesn't have to be a drain on your wallet. You can save money without sacrificing the experience by knowing where to go:

  • Join the club. Many places have loyalty or punch card programs, and if you are eating out a lot, these can add up quickly and you could score three or four free lunches every month.
  • Split the difference. With large portions, à la carte add-ons and combo specials all over the place, whether you're dining with a co-worker or a date, look at the menu together and see if there are some menu items that you want to team up on, or even literally split down the middle.
  • Make it special. Many places have weekly specials, some every day of the week. Some will even offer a two-for-one option, so keep an eye out and plan your lunch dates accordingly.

Let's Eat

Check out this list of area favorites for an affordable lunch and see if your favorite spot made the cut.

Jack's Urban Eats
1230 20th St.
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 444-0307

Sandwiches at Jack's range in price from $7.25 to $8.25 (plus a fountain drink for $2.15) putting the total at right about $10. Enjoy a spicy buffalo or California cheesesteak sandwich made from carved meats and fresh veggies. Jack's also offers a create your own salad for $7.95 where you can choose any of six toppings including jicama, sunflower seeds, quinoa and marinated tofu. Not in the mood for a sandwich or salad? Get a dish of carved tri-tip ($5.25) with a side of mashed potatoes or grilled veggies ($2.95).

Blue Nami Sushi
8807 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, CA 95662
(916) 988-2300

At Blue Nami Sushi, all of the house rolls are always 50-percent off. Enjoy the spicy tuna or Philadelphia roll for only $4 and the California roll for a mere three bucks. The most expensive house roll is the sexy French roll ($15 on sale for $7.50) which contains crab, salmon, tuna, ebi and cream cheese in a soy and cucumber wrap. With rolls at that price, you can afford some edamame or cucumber salad for only $3.95.

Squeeze Inn
1630 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 492-2499

The Squeeze Inn in Midtown is widely regarded as one of the best places to get a burger... except on Mondays. It is closed on Mondays. On Tuesday through Friday, however, enjoy a Squeeze burger for $6.25 or a Midtown Squeeze-steak sandwich for $8. Fountain drinks at Squeeze Inn are the priciest in town at $3 for 24 oz. Instead, have a chicken or steak taco for $3.50 or a bowl of chili for $4.

Korea House
9729 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 362-5013

At the Korea House, lunch specials are a paltry $6.25. Add a fountain drink or hot tea for $1.95 and you'll still have change for a 10. Choose from the sweet and sour shrimp, the Mongolian beef or almond chicken. The Korea House offers tastes from Korean, Japanese and Chinese disciplines in order to please "even the pickiest of eaters." Besides the lunch specials, enjoy an assortment of sushi or any of 11 traditional Korean soups.

Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen
Sacramento, CA
(916) 502-0474

Drewski's purple truck may not be in your neighborhood today, but don't worry, it's always making the rounds. Check Facebook or Twitter to see where Drewski's will be next or to request it at a specific location. Once you've got the truck cornered, try the hemi (a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich) for $7.50 or the bacon and cheddar wrapped Drewski dog for only $5.


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Laurel Hanson is a freelance writer uncovering Sacramento's healthy food secrets in local restaurants, locavore havens and even local foraging. Her work can be found on

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