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Best Language Classes In Sacramento

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 36 percent of Sacramento's households, a language other than English is spoken. Sacramento's rich diversity and cultural cornucopia is evident everywhere you go in the city. Your back-fence neighbor, local grocer, tax accountant and doctor all may speak English as a second language. Don't be left out; you can learn a foreign language too by taking a class in Sacramento. Courses are offered night and day for your convenience. Some classes are taught immersion-style, while others are more traditional. Here's a cross-section of the best languages classes in Sacramento.
Spanish Class for Kids
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140 B St, Suite 5 #172
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 220-0453

During the first two years of life, children gradually learn to interpret what they hear and form words one-by-one. Researchers know that children learn the rules of language by watching and listening to adults. The language experts at Lango believe early childhood is the best time to learn a second language. Children, 18 months to 11 years old, can learn Mandarin, Spanish or French at the school. Classes are small and just under an hour long. Lango partners with area schools and community centers, offering after-school classes on site. Instructors use cultural cues such as art, music, stories and games to supplement the fun curriculum. Sessions include eight to 10 classes, once a week. Tuition is $175 for newly-enrolled students, with discounts offered for siblings and returning students.

Sakura Gakuen

Sakura Gakuen 
2401 Riverside Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95818
(925) 924-0307

Founded in 1903, nonprofit Sakura Gakuen teaches Japanese language, culture and tradition in some decidedly non-traditional ways. Instructors take students to fairs, festivals and family gatherings. Students participate in a speech contest and learn calligraphy. Adults learn conversational Japanese, taught without homework and little emphasis on learning to write in Japanese. Youth classes are held on Saturday mornings at the Buddhist Church. Enroll now for the September session.

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Children in class
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Language Academy of Sacramento
2850 49th St
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 277-7137

This K-8 Charter School uses the Two-Way Spanish Immersion model. As your children promote, they're expected to use more English in the classroom each year. In kindergarten, 90 percent of instruction is in Spanish. By third grade, 70 percent is in Spanish. Instructors continue to incorporate more English until finally by fifth grade, it is 50/50. The Language Academy adopts state-standardized assessments to evaluate your child's language fluency. There can be an enrollment waiting list and the school's matriculation policy is accomplished via lottery.

Language Class
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Casa de Espanol
2115 J St, Suite 102
Sacramento, CA
(916) 346-4535

Learn to speak Spanish in midtown Sacramento at Casa de Espanol. Not sure you have what it takes? No hay problema. You are welcome to audit all courses for a trial run. Casa de Espanol doesn't bog you down with hours of verb conjugation and long-winded lectures. Instead, instructors use art, literature and pop-culture to engage the adult learner. Students attend a virtual Skype classroom once a week. They're able to converse in Spanish, and learn from instructors at partner schools in Mexico. Casa de Espanol teaches language skills that you can use in your community and at your workplace. They also have classes for preschoolers, tots and teens. Study Spanish at the Casa de Espanol summer camp or consider going abroad to its partner schools in Mexico and Spain. Sessions run two months. The next one starts in July.

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Sign Language Class
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Sign Language Studies
American River College
4700 College Oak Drive
Sacramento, CA 94841
(916) 484-8011

It's the most beautiful language that you'll never hear. Learn American sign language the traditional way; in school. Enroll in Sign Language Studies at American River College, and earn an A.A. degree or certificates for your efforts. Once complete, you'll be able to fluently conduct a conversation with deaf individuals, consistent with a fourth-semester second-language learner. The Humanities degree also prepares you for a career in interpreting or other jobs in the deaf community.

Chuck Douros is a freelance writer, journalist, copywriter and editor from northern California. He specializes in web-based news and website content. Find his work here.

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