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Best Bilingual Extracurricular Activities For Kids In Sacramento

Bilingual activities provide positive experiences for kids, as it gives them a social phenomenon and awareness of cultural diversity. Kids who are culturally diverse learn the importance of interacting with other cultures, breaking away from stereotypical labels. As demographical change continues to evolve, the need for kids to be culturally diverse is prevalent. Do your children interact with other cultures? Have you thought about introducing your kids to new cultural experiences? Sacramento, a city that respects cultural diversity, provides extracurricular cultural activities that kids can both enjoy and use to learn about the history, language, song, dance, art and food of other cultures.

sutter's fort

Sutter's Fort - Sacramento

2701 L St
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 445-4422

Sutter's Fort is an historical site that represents the Gold Rush era in California. It was originally built in 1839 by a "Swiss immigrant named John Sutter who received a land grant." The atmosphere is a reminder of the first settlers in California's central valley, and each exhibit portrays life from the past. This tour is well worth your time, and either a personal guide tour or self-guided tours are available. The self-guided tour offers a recorded audio supplement in German, Spanish and Japanese, allowing visitors from all walks of life insight into the fort. What better opportunity for your children to learn about California history, the reconstruction of Sutter's Fort in the 1890s and "how the Fort's collection of pioneer and early California artifacts was formed?"

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cesar chavez park

Cesar Chavez Park

910 I St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 808-5200

This park is in the heart of downtown Sacramento and was founded by the United Farm Workers Union. It currently offers a variety of multicultural events and activities for the family which include concerts and farmer's markets. The concert in the park presents various cultural groups ranging from pop, jazz, Latina, blues and folk music. The seasonal farmer's markets are great for your kids to check out as they host vendors who sell a wide range of foods, providing children and adults with some education about different cultural cuisines.

Mexican Cultural Center of Northern California

P.O. Box 161899
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 446-3691

This cultural center presents entertainment, education and outreach activities in the Sacramento area. There are endless opportunities for children and adults to experience and learn about the artistic and cultural tradition of storytelling, Mexican arts and crafts, unique Mexican instruments, the history of Mexican music and native songs. Visitors are also given chances to meet artists, dancers and poets from Mexico. This Mexican community provides scholarships to Hispanic students pursuing a higher education at a local college or university. Click here for events.

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Crocker Art Museum

216 O St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 808-7000

Crocker Art Museum shows the finest arts of various cultures with African, Asian, European, Californian and American collections. The exhibits define different cultural heritages with expression through beautiful drawings, paintings and sculptures. The museum holds various special events throughout the year that present these cultural expressions, as well as daily tours. Art is a form of communication, emotion, visual learning, concept and value, and it describes cultural experience and diversity. Click here for events.

funtastic play center

Funtastic Play Centers

9882 Waterman Road, Suite 130
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 685-4335

Need some family time to enjoy with your kids? Funtastic Play Centers offer just the fun you're looking for. While your children are enjoying the "mix of custom-designed and self-contained soft play equipment," you can relax and enjoy refreshments in a space that overlooks the play area. This center is not only for play. It also offers several adult and youth classes, including Spanish language classes. Social interaction is a great way to learn other cultures and languages.

Stephanie Reed, a freelance writer in the Sacramento area, covers family and parenting issues for She works and volunteers for local agencies and organizations promoting healthy family living. Her work can be found at

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