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Bay Bridge Opening Monday Night, Ahead Of Schedule

BAY BRIDGE (CBS13) — It's been a long time coming, but crews are finally putting the finishing touches on the new east span of the Bay Bridge, with it expected to open on Monday night.

Officials have announced the bridge will be opening ahead of Tuesday morning's projected opening.

"They are just kind of wrapping up striping, putting down barrier rail, the dots on the road, some of the dividers by the toll plaza to keep FasTrak traffic separate from the cash paying traffic, and they are finishing up the work to install the temporary bike path," said spokesman Andrew Gordon

Reopening the bridge isn't as simple as finishing construction.

"Have to call in toll takers, that takes time," Gordon said. "The CHP has to get into position to start opening all the arteries that feed into the bridge. That takes time. It's not just when the work is done."

Bridge officials say staff has been on standby for the last 24 hours. But they say opening the bridge earlier doesn't necessarily save anyone any money.

"Everything that has happened this weekend is part of an already approved budget," he said.

Meanwhile, officials are anticipating a lot of traffic once the bridge opens. Especially for drivers who want those bragging rights.

"What we want to avoid is having this rush of cars heading toward the bridge—thousands of people all wanting to the be the first car across," he said

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