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Bay Bridge Handles First Day Of Traffic, First Accident, And New Pedestrian Path

BAY BRIDGE (CBS13) — The Bay Area's newest landmark had its first full day of traffic on Tuesday, as cars made their way across the Bay Bridge.

One new feature of the bridge got a workout this morning with the first accident on the bridge—a minor fender-bender.

An accident like that could have made traffic a mess, but the new span now has shoulders that allowed the cars to pull over and not impede traffic.

Tuesday also marked the opening of a temporary bike and pedestrian path, allowing walkers to cross the bridge in a whole new way.

It was an opportunity many were not going to miss.

"It's a gorgeous bridge. I mean, it's an icon."

A chance to be one of the first to step foot on the bridge was not only a great memory, but a way to work up a sweat.

"It's nice just to have another form of exercise and you'd enjoy the bridge. And it's a lot of fun. It's really beautiful out here."

The bike path and walkway was not part of the original plans. It was was David Zuckerman's father Alexander Zuckerman who led the charge.

"Was a passionate bike rider and he firmly believed that not only was riding bikes fun, but they were useful and should be a legitimate means of transportation."

Once complete, the trail will span 15 miles from the east bay to Yerba Buena and around Treasure Island.

"There is a section of the original east span that is going to take some time to move out of the way," said spokesman Andrew Gordon. "Once they've done that they can build the bike path all the way out to the island."

So most will have to wait to go on that long ride. But for now they are happy with the views along the 2-mile stretch over the water.

"It's extremely exciting to have it finally happen. Really, really exciting."

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