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Baseball's Best Hot Dogs On America's Weekend

On July 4th, we celebrate America.

That means baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.

If you're feeling really American, you can get your baseball and hot dog fix at the same time.

Eating a hot dog at a baseball game is a tradition.

A hot dog is one of the most basic and easily cooked foods you can eat.

There are many ways to make them, but these five teams are doing it best:

1. The Dodger Dog- Los Angeles Dodgers

It's a perfect dog to sit down and enjoy a baseball game. It's a classic foot long hot dog with your basic toppings of mustard and relish. You don't need to worry about any toppings falling on you and ruining your Clayton Kershaw jersey.

2. Fenway Frank- Boston Red Sox

Another classic hot dog at baseball's oldest stadium. Fans have a choice between a steamed, grilled or rolled hot dog served in a New England Style bun.

3. All-Star BBQ Dog- Kansas City Royals

This is not a classic dog. Americans love there barbecue, so what's better than combining BBQ with hot dogs. That's exactly what Kansas City did. The hot dog is covered in pulled pork, coleslaw, pickles and BBQ sauce.

4. Tres Agave Dog- San Francisco Giants

A unique hot dog for a unique city. To start, the dog is wrapped in bacon. Who doesn't love bacon. It's also topped off with sweet grilled onions, jalapenos, cucumber pico de gallo and a spicy chipotle mayo.

5. Boom Stick- Texas Rangers

This hot dog definitely takes the cake. The two foot hot dog weighs in at one pound and can feed three to four people. But the size of the dog isn't nearly enough. It is also topped with chili, onions and cheese. It will fill up your stomach and clear out your wallet at $26.


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