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Video: Bad Samaritan Takes $2,200 Mans Drops From Truck

MANTECA (CBS13) — A man lost $2,200 after it fell out of his truck and a couple of bad samaritans cashed in on his bad luck.

It took John months to save up for a $2,000 down payment to move himself up from southern California to live near his parents. It only took a few minutes for him to lose it all.

Surveillance video shows John strolling into a restaurant with no idea he's dropped his cash roll on the pavement.

A man in a nearby car scurries over, scoops up the cash and holds onto it.

Meanwhile, inside the Manteca El Pollo Loco, John is fumbling around in his pockets, realizing his money is missing.

Little does he know, the man who took it is standing behind him in line. The suspect heads toward the bathroom, and as John runs back to check his car for the money, the two cross paths.

"So I'm tearing my whole truck apart, and at the same time, I'm looking into El Pollo Loco and I can see these people looking at me," John said.

He says the suspect and his friends must have no conscience since they just sat there eating while watching him desperately search for the money they just picked up.

Why did John have the wad of cash out in the first place? John took it out to give $10 to a homeless woman on his way to the restaurant.

Now he's hoping someone will step up and identify the man in the video who took something that wasn't his—and hasn't returned it weeks later.

The suspect's car is a blue, early 1990s Honda. One of the driver's side doors is a different color than the rest of the car.

Crimestoppers is offering a $1,000 reward in addition to the $300 John is offering for information leading to an arrest.

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