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Baby Justice's Grandmother Relieved Autopsy Didn't Reveal Signs Of Trauma

KNIGHTS LANDING (CBS13) — An autopsy was performed on a three-week-old baby who was found in a Knights Landing Slough, but his cause of death is still undetermined.

Justice Rees and his mother, 23-year-old Samantha Green were reported missing earlier this week.

The Yolo County Sheriff was careful to say it is possible that Baby Justice could have drowned or died from hypothermia, but more tests are needed. There were no obvious signs of trauma to the baby.

"I'm not surprised that they don't have an answer yet," said Justice's grandmother Patty Rees. "I was glad to hear that pathologist found he had no marks on him. He had no bruises. That he just looked like a really healthy baby boy. And he was."

One day after learning her grandson was found dead in a Knights Landing slough, autopsy results are still inconclusive.

"If the child did go into the water, what time did the child go into the water? We're trying to determine where Ms. Green was. What time, if and when she went into the water, what time was it? How long was the child exposed to this?" said Sheriff Ed Prieto.

Those questions are just some of the many still shrouded in mystery in the case. Detectives believe the baby's mother drove her own car to the slough area with her son, without anyone else traveling with them.

After they were reported missing on Monday, a frantic and disoriented Green was found on Tuesday night, telling one witness her baby froze to death.

"It's just a confusing, difficult investigation because we don't really have any strong, independent witnesses," Prieto said. "The only person of interest we have—and not from a criminal point of view, but from an investigative point of view—is the mother. She's the only one who seems to have been with the child."

Prieto says some of the newborn's remains will likely go to the Department of Justice for examination, adding toxicology tests and other tissue samples still need to be completed. It's a stressful next step.

Patty Rees has now forced Green and her son to leave their home and escape what she claims have been growing personal attacks on social media.

"We know she was not involved in hurting that baby. So, a lot of people on Facebook and on social media are saying you know, mean things," she said. "I think it's been very difficult and unfair."

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