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Public Donations Help Animal Rescue Group Rebuild Damaged Aviary Flight Cage

MCCLELLAN PARK (CBS13) - A nonprofit's aviary flight cage at McClellan Park is designed to help thousands of birds in our area, and public donations have led to its rebuilding after being damaged in a January windstorm.

The work of tending to injured animals continues inside the Wildlife Care Association. The non-profit takes in thousands each year and rehabilitates the majority of them.

So, when a windstorm damaged the organization's large flight aviary cage, they were devastated.

"We came out and in the morning and the whole aviary was in the field a pile of rubble," said Wildlife Care Association Interim Operations Manager Terri Muzik.

They immediately hatched a plan to replace it with a bigger even better one, raising more than $10,000 via a Facebook fundraiser. Then a rebuilding plan took flight, thanks to Wells Construction.

"We're using the Facebook fund they generated to pay for materials and we're getting some help from Homewood lumber in Rocklin," said Jim Brown, senior project manager at Wells Construction.

The goal is to have a 15-member construct a new cage in a day.

"We have everything we need. We have the people and it's a beautiful thing to get this done," said Brown.

Muzik says the sound of construction is music to her ears-- the new cage will be bigger and better.

'We're going to have five small cages," said Muzik.

And be a critical part of their operations so many more inured birds spread their wings.

"This one is huge--so now we can run birds through and get them out faster so they don't have to spend as much time with us," said Muzik.

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